Lily Can’t Sleep: setting the baa high.

This show is quite lovely – by shear coincidence it’s on once again at the Brisbane Festival 2013 – if ewe have kids aged 3-8 must be sure to catch it live!


Can’t sleep? Count Sheep.  Lily Can’t Sleep

In 2006 Bridget Boyle and Liz Skitch from Debase asked me to be part of the team putting together a new show, a two-hander, for the Out of the Box Festival at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, which they were commissioned to write for the Queensland Theatre Company.

They had a title: ‘Lily Can’t Sleep’, a premise, characters and a loose, though open-ended storyline. They initially asked me to be a dramaturg for the project, and that was good work, bringing both research and a new creative perspective to the emerging play. I helped them clarify their premise – that the lives of Lily and her tired mother were in a state of disturbance, in the middle of moving into a new home, with the prospect of the first day at a new school tomorrow. At bedtime, these stresses play out, and are ‘played’…

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