Attuning: this month’s high rotation

Bats in the Attic: King Creosote and Jon Hopkins 

This album was very well-regarded when it first came out in the UK. I thought it was a bit weedy and whiny at the time but I can’t stop listening to its subtle combination of folk and electronica now. The version on the album (Diamond Mine) of this tune’s much better. Lyric about ‘silver sideburns’ increases personal appeal.

Purcell: Fantasia Upon One Note

Anecdotally this was composed to surround a non-musician who would play the one note. Sounds like a metaphor for sycophancy in the arts.

papa m: Arundel

David Pajo plays solo guitar,  live. Better than the recorded version.

Immunity: Jon Hopkins

I love a long song. This one is extraordinary. For me it it rivals Talk Talk’s New Grass not in form,  but intent.

Robert de Visee Prelude et Allemande

The theorbo is possibly the opposite of a ukulele. Jonas Nordberg, theorbo

Public Image Limited: Rise

Tyrone and Lesley are working on a cover of a PIL song – not this one, but it was lovely to rediscover this. Lydon is underrated as a musician.

Fat Freddy’s Drop: Cay’s Crays

Mellow tune from popular NZ dub reggae outfit. It’s important for a white middle-aged man to have an interest in dub and reggae.

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