Celtic Worksongs

They’re not strictly worksongs, but they’re helping me get through some writing work I have to do at odd hours.

Julie Fowlis: My Love is On The High Seas

This song’s gorgeous, alongside the sweet & idealised musical scenario framed by the video. The lyrics too are remarkable, and if you don’t speak Scottish gaelic, read the translation to the end to get a sense of the moving  lyrical turnaround  she talks about  in the intro: the subject of the song becomes the singer: reminds me of a certain Waterboys tune I can only find dreadful slideshows of on Youtube.

Steve Cooney: Fairy Mounds

I don’t know how I came across this but it’s lovely. He’s Australian, though a longtime resident of Ireland.

The Gloaming: Sailor’s Bonnett

This is kind of a supergroup & the sounds very (too?) clean, but it’s great. Vocalist Iarla Ó Lionáird doesn’t feature in this one.

The May Morning Dew: The Chieftans (Kevin Conneff)

I’ve loved this tune since I found it on a CD in a share house, there’s a dark humour to the song itself that leavens its despair.

Kris Drever: Farewell to Fuineray

I can’t find the studio version of this on youtube, but it’s a great old tune.

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