Attuning to Kiwifruit

Obviously lots of good bands have come from New Zealand. You can probably guess at the more successful ones. For some reason the tunes vibrating my air lately have been from New Zealand. It’s been fruitful exploring the kiwi music I’ve collected. Some are old loves, some new. I like the jangly looseness of some of the strings here. I’ll tie none of them together: I just like this stuff.

The Bats: Boogey Man

I wore out a cassette of their first album when I was a student,  I love their sound. This is from a little later and the riff is perfect. I also really like one of Robert Scott’s other bands The Magick Heads as well.

Fat Freddy’s Drop: Cay’s Crays

Heard this on Triple Z in the car on the way home from rehearsal. I’d assumed it was a remix,  but clearly they can do it live too. There’s a lot to admire in the moves of the tracksuited tombonist.

The Nukes: Each to their Own

I’ve shared a couple of bills with these guys here and in NZ,  they’re great blokes and have a brilliant sound: three ukes,  three voices.

The Mutton Birds: Come Around

This band was amazing,  with two top songwriters,  it’s hard to choose a representative track.

Split Enz: My Mistake (live)

When I was a kid (8 or 9),  watching a clip for this song on Countdown knocked me out: the combination of music and theatre and design. Me and my brother used to listen to Dizrythmia a lot. It wasn’t until I saw this clip and looked further into it that I realised they carried this performance style into the live realm as well. By the time I saw them live at the Dean Park Sound Shell on their farewell tour they were great,  but straight. There’s an enticing combination of new wave and vintage music here.  Is it too late to begin a Noel Crombie fanclub?


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