Making Gentlemen Songsters Part 5: Preshow

These are the preshow moments. The show is directly ahead of us.

Carry the gear up to the venue, put it down and set it up. Meet technical chaps and talk to front of house. Check lighting, sound and video. Short limber up. Work with director Michael Futcher on entrances and exits. Top and tail the show, check cueing for video projection and run that sequence.

photo: Joyclyn Vincent

Preshow,  Brisbane Powerhouse. photo: Joyclyn Vincent

Run a song or two, no time to run the whole piece. Set up merch stand. No dinner: muesli bar. Childcare. Find dressing room, check rider, drink bottled water provided, warm up and get changed into costume.

Sam Shadow 3

photo: Joyclyn Vincent

Backstage. Checking lines from the script,  knowing I’ll forget them. House is live. Preshow music : Al Bowlly. Of course. Audience buzzes. Thumbs up from the desk. Tyrone and Lesley arrive.

Overture. Entrance.

photo: Joyclyn Vincent

Preshow,  Brisbane Powerhouse. photo: Joyclyn Vincent


Music. Moments. Sweat. The familiar burn of performance.

The show slides around under us.

Keeping an eye and an ear on each other. Attuned in the tune.

Audience illuminated by a video moon.

Shadows merge.

photo: Joyclyn Vincent

a pair preparing. photo: Joyclyn Vincent

Can see the river from the stage. A ferry’s lights.

Winging it. Fly.

Laughter. Silence. Song.

End with an overture.

Encores. Applause. Post show mingle.


Change. Pack up. Check you’ve got everything. Load car. Drive away.

You’ve left something behind.

all photos taken by Joyclyn Vincent,  preshow, Gentlemen Songsters  June 13, Rooftop Terrace, Brisbane Powerhouse,  Queensland Cabaret Festival. See the full set of images here.


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