Attuning: January’s high rotation

Grand Salvo – The Boy’s Story of His Faithful Family Dog

This came out of left field: I was expecting indie songwriting 101 and that dull ‘I’m pretending to sing like a grown-up’ consistency that all male vocals seem to have gathered lately, but this is tender and extraordinary in writing and performance.

Erlend Oye – Fence Me In

Some reviewers have hated this album but I think the joke’s on them.

Jon Hopkins – Immunity (Asleep Version)

Jon Hopkins went to Iceland and ended up remixing parts of his last album Immunity: I love this one because it finally surfaces the vocal by King Creosote.

Tracey Thorn – Long White Dress

I love the way this song opens up about halfway through

Ocean Party – Head Down

This young band knows its jangle history and its modest, diffident take on the male songwriter. Guitars knowingly slung a touch too high. Sax solo at the end draws in a bit of INXS in a good way. I’ve found these guys on youtube doing a cover of The Go-Betweens’ ‘Apology Accepted’,  (one of my favourite songs) which told me a lot.

Lucksmiths  – Transpontine

I’ve been listening to my entire collection from this warm hug of a band. Hard to select a favourite, but The Great Dividing Range would be another one I’d put here if I could find the album version online.

David Mc Comb  – I Want to Conquer You

This is just an amazing song full stop. One of Australia’s best songwriters.

Tycho – Awake

I’ve been looking for bland, undistracting music to write to. This is like U2 and Boards of Canada collaborating on a soundtrack for an educational video. In a good way.

Harley and the Haymakers – Margate Girlfriend

I heard this on independent/community radio station 4zzz and liked it straight away. Don’t know about the film clip.


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