Attuning: May’s High Rotations

While I love to thrash a single track, I’m still keen on the old fashioned idea of a new album of songs by an artist I’m interested in or curious about. There’s been a few come out lately I’ve been exploring, plus a few other tunes on high rotation. CD’s rotate. Cassettes used to. LP’s do. What do Mp3’s do?
Fionn Regan The Bunkhouse Volume 1 – Anchor Black Tattoo
Irish songwriter recorded live in some rustic joint. Hard to find. Just him and some great, strange songs and his exquisite guitar playing.
Stornoway The Road You Didn’t Take – from Bonxie
Third album from idiosyncratic English folk fellows. Contains some great tunes but this album’s not revealing itself to me yet. A grower,  not a shower.
Jon Hopkins Immunity (Asleep Versions)
Jon Hopkins retreated to Iceland to make a record and came up with gentler versions of some tracks from Immunity,  which was one of my favourite records from last year. This revision of the title track finally surfaces King Creosote’s vocals.
The Staves Make it Holy
These women made an album with Bon Iver/Justin Vernon.
Colm Mac Con Iomare  And Now the Weather
Beautiful second instrumental album from violinist with The Frames.
Lau The Bell that Never Rang
Finally got to see Lau play live at Woodford as the heavens opened and human steam billowed out into the humid night. The storm released itself and moved on in perfect synchronicity with their set. This album takes their grungier looping antics further and deeper,  yet there’s a 17 minute avant-garde sounding string quartet at the centre of this record,  and it closes with ‘Ghosts’, a perfect song for a country built on exclusion.
Gravenhurst Gas Mask Days
I’ve liked this chap’s thoughtful, dark music & delicate guitaristry for a long time,  more his quieter material. Some lovely songs on this album of previously unreleased Offerings. No longer with us sadly.
Nina Simone Buck
Revisiting. Nina Sings The Blues is a great record.
Blossom Dearie Now at Last
This is one of my favourite songs. Just revisiting.
Don McGlashan My Way to You from the album Lucky Stars
One of my favourite NZ songwriters. I can’t find album track ‘My Way to You’ online yet as vision, anyway. So here’s another track from the record.
Justin Bieber and Skrillex Where R U Now?
I just like it.

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