Downtempo Covers of Up Songs

I’m not sure what Ryan Adam’s recent cover of Taylor Swift’s 1989 album brings to the original, it seems nothing to write home about (same with Yo La Tengo’s recent Cure cover). But it got me thinking about good Downtempo Covers of Up Songs. These sprang to my mind. Can you think of any more?

The Only Way Is Up – Stornoway

This is a cover of Yazz and The Plastic Population’s 1988 cover of  Otis Clay’s 1980 original

Love Will Tear Us Apart – Susanna and the Magical Orchestra

A cover of Joy Division’s original that brings the stunning lyrics into especially stark relief. Also the home of a great snyth solo.

Aztec Camera – Jump

Roddy Frame’s droll cover of Van Halen’s original includes a musical quote from Stairway to Heaven.

Lloyd Cole – You’re a Big Girl Now

Not hugely elevated in tempo, but a smooth and lonesome cover of Bob Dylan’s original

Iron and Wine – Love Vigilantes

This is considerably mellower that the version on Iron and Wine’s Around the Well and reveals the beauty behind the bluster of the New Order original

All Mixed Up – Red House Painters

Acoustic treatment from Mark Kozelek, whose (work includes rather a lot of unlikely covers) swells into a distortion fest absent from the glossy synths of The Cars’ original

There’s no accounting for taste, and no way to cover all the possibilities. Feel free to throw back the covers.

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