Steadfast: Anchor Songs

Anchor Me  – Muttonbirds (1994)

“We were rehearsing on the top floor above a pub and a hairdressers in Vulcan Lane,  Auckland. I remember bringing in the verse and bridge,  but not having much of an idea for the chorus, so i just made it up as I played it to the other guys, saying:”this is too simple for the chorus – I’ll get something better”, and Alan said “no you won’t; it sounds like it’s finished”. Don McGlashan, Flock,  The Best of The Mutton Birds liner notes

Anchor Me  – Blackeyed Susans (1992)

from the album Welcome Stranger. You’ll find a version sung by David McComb on the ‘Reveal Yourself’ box set.

Drop Anchor – Martin Rossiter (2012)

from former Gene singer’s solo album ‘The Defenestration of St Martin’. don’t go looking for the moment where all the other instruments enter,  because it’s boldly just piano and vocal.

The Anchor Song – Bjork (1993)

perhaps a distant cousin to the amazing Hyperballad. Instead of throwing herself off a cliff, this time she’s heading to the sea bed. Album version features saxophonist Oliver Lake

Anchor Black Tattoo – Fionn Regan (2012)

Just Fionn and a guitar, like the whole album. An anchor tattoo could connote stability and resilience, gratitude to someone who offers this quality to you, conviction and ability to withstand challenges and strength of character, or an ancient encoding of the crucifix.

Anchors Aweigh (The Song of the Navy) – High Hatters (1930)

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