Dashing Duos

I like daggy, earnest singing duos. Maybe I play in one. Gormless isn’t the word, but there’s a certain quality in this music and vision that no stylist would come near these days. No indie artist would allow themselves to be framed like this, and no amateur has the skill. These guys are in the zone. Perhaps it’s a kind of vulnerability: something that so many people try to fake, or strain to reach but never grasp. They’re certainly making a spectacle of themselves.

Peter and Gordon

These fine fellows are singing a song penned by Paul McCartney, who was going out with Peter Asher’s sister Jane. It was also covered (terribly) by The Supremes. Peter Asher later went on to produce one of my favourite albums of the 80’s among many others.

Chad and Jeremy

These happy chaps are singing A Summer Song (1964). They later excelled themselves by appearing on Batman, having their voices stolen by Catwoman.

The Proclaimers
Brothers gonna knock you out. Their first album,  which precedes their global success, is quite soulful and lovely.

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