Tyrone and Lesley in a Spot | Warmwaters

Downstage Discernments

When viewed individually Tyronne and Lesley In A Spot and Warmwaters each provide their own entertainment value, social commentary and unique characters. When put together however, the double bill creates a musical journey that covers comfort, confusion and circumstance through two very distinct musical cabaret acts in a single evening. With four very individual characters and two equally engaging shows, creator David Megarrity consistently plays on the audience’s childish sense of humour, never stopping at an uncomfortable reality or unsettling social comment for too long. The shows pair together to share two funny, thoughtful and endearing duos that both warm our hearts and make our stomachs ache with laughter.

Tyrone and Lesley In a Spot
Tyronne and Lesley are a lovable duo, with a set of original music presented with no more than a ukulele, double bass, their harmonious voices, and Nathan Sibthorpe’s multimedia on a simple projection screen. Considering…

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