Warmwaters: Influences on InExperience

Warmwaters pride themselves on their originality, writing and playing their own songs on their first self-titled album and now this explosive new release ‘InExperience’. The next challenge is for Warmwaters to translate their studio masterpiece to the stage,  with one guitar,  two vocals and a flute. If you’re in Australia, be there and be square: 3 shows only in Brisbane/Melbourne

carrotHaving spent 18 months in the studio, there were concerns they’d never see the light of day again. Believing that no good music has been made since 1975, Warmwaters dived deep to fill the gap, swimming past some of these silvery musical bubbles.  Engineer James See emerged wiser, perhaps,  but certainly older.

Will you hear these influences when you listen to the world’s first Concept EP,  InExperience?  Do you taste upon the carrot you eat the soil within which it grew?

If you do, change grocers or run it under some Warmwaters.

Turkish star Baris Manco’s name means ‘Peace’. This 1973 song was banned in his native Turkey, but it’s simply about conserving power through turning the lights off. An inspiration for the more exotic sounds on Warmwaters concept EP ‘InExperience’,  including Greta Kelly (from Mzaza) playing a guest spot on Shah Kaman





The twinned acoustic guitars of America’s 1971 tune were an inspiration to John Willsteed, who guests on Warmwaters’ own highway song (which is more Bruce than Ventura). An electric take on a similar idea is Richard Clapton’s ‘Girls on the Avenue 

Warmwaters’ new EP sees them opening up and spreading out their influences to take in smooth acoustic soul like this 1971 Bill Withers classic. Check James Gadson’s drumming in the breakdown.

Some people think that playing the flute is simply blowing in one end and running your fingers up and down the outside. Lena Warmwater knows that it takes more than that to make silver sounds like this. when it comes to Tull Luke’s more into Songs from the Wood

Wayne Mason wrote this song “in an hour on the front porch of my mum’s house, looking out on a beautiful day with trees and stuff. Bees were buzzing and my heart was fluttering.”  This meditation on nature was voted the top New Zealand song of All Time.

.Heron recorded ‘Car Crash’in 1970 as part of an album recorded entirely outdoors in a country field – these unusual locations,  often rural,  are a feature of the concept album,  the assumption being that the physical environment will have an osmotic impact on the creative process or a concrete impact on its audio output. In fact Heron found they had to set up a separate microphone to record the birds. Skip to 2:47 to hear about the contribution that insects made to the recording. For Warmwaters,  the influence could be seen as thematic, but is also musical,  with approximations of cascading vocal canon as well as extra-musical sounds of running water entering the sonic picture.


Lena insists on playing this song loudly when Warmwaters pull up to a venue. The massed vocals were something the pair played with in the captive freedom of the recording studio

In exploring InExperience, Warmwaters have discovered that Medieval Rock isn’t for has-beens: it’s very now.

Warning: Heavy concepts. Heavy riffs. Warmwaters actually rock out on their new concept EP, InExperience,  with pounding drums by James See. see also: Khavas Jute

Rodriguez’s story is an amazing one, proving that obscurity can lead to fame. Will Warmwaters follow the same path? This, and the rattling balladry of Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde came into play when searching for sounds.

Warmwaters have drawn deep on antipodean influences for their new Concept EP, InExperience: their originals have to be heard to be believed, but this band’s latter-day adventures into psychedelia didn’t endear them to audiences wanting hits.

Slow, languid, mellow, relaxed,  easygoing. All words that do NOT  apply to Luke,  but a vibe crept in. And was shown the door.

This meditative track came from surf movie soundtrack Sea of Joy. There’s space for this kind of peaceful contemplation on the new Concept EP, but not much.

InExperience is released July 28th. 3 shows only in Brisbane/Melbourne



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