Warmwaters In Experience: Liner notes by Tony Spannington-Feather, music journalist


Hear what InExperience sounds like HERE

Congratulations, music lover. You are listening to a recording that stands apart from so much other music that’s made these days. Perhaps the other music that’s made these days doesn’t want to stand near it. It’s InExperience, the world’s first ‘Concept EP’ – Warmwaters achieving the kind of depth and richness it would take other groups a double album to do. Engineered and mixed by James See, it’s also served as a moment of musical mentorship for neophytes like Samuel Vincent, Andy Ward and John Willsteed. Listen here.

InExperience is a deep musical well. A confluence of influences and yet altogether autochthonous.  Let the winch unwind and hear the bucket plummet towards Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span, HeronStrawbsJohn Martyn and Pentangle and the spicy sounds of Baris Manco. Splash! In the squeak and of the winch and pulley,  hear the rattling balladry of Bob Dylan and Rodriguez, and even the smooth acoustic soul of Bill Withers and the acoustic breeze of America.

The hard stone that this tunnel of refreshment has been bored through contains rocky chunks of Led Zeppelin, coated with the folk-prog moss of Jethro Tull. Feel the weight. Draw the music to you, open up, press it to your lips and drink it down. The taste comes from the impurities:  the subtle sediment and sparkle of antipodean adventurers like Tully, Khavas Jute, Fourmyoula, Masters Apprentices and latter-day Easybeats. All this from a single sip. Drink deeply of Warmwaters: let it dribble down your chin. You had to get changed anyway. Peer down the well once more: who’s that in the reflection? Is it you? You look different.

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The concept opens with an overture: InExperience, a kind of guided meditation that raises questions upon which we have only the most slippery grip. Then Warmwaters take us right into the Middle of The Road, knowing we may well be hit. And we are. A travelogue in which the reason of the road emerges because the road is the reason. We’re all travelling together on this trip: but not singly. It’s not you and I, it’s ‘We’ and we all know how good A Little Bit of We can feel. Yet in this journey we all know that sometimes it’s only ourselves that can help ourselves.

Warmwaters tell us that in Helping Hand, a song about the wisdom of self-love, a topic on which they have much to share. Then, ripped from the ecstasy of the hear and now, through the epic Medieval Ways we come to understand that we can’t let our past lives pass us by: that every now we know sits on a stack of thens. Who better than Lena and Luke to show us what ‘has been’ really means? Finally, with a wild, nude morris-dance, we are enlightened, and challenged to answer the Call of Nature , feeling a Gaia renaissance in which forest bathing escalates into a complete green-wash. Gently we awaken, discovering that InExperience once again bookends our discoveries. You’ll want to listen again. You’ll want to sing. Dance. Or perhaps sit quite still, shaking your head.

Will you hear these influences on the new concept EP? Do you taste the dirt from the ground where your carrot grew? Listen to playlist on Spotify to find out.

The limited edition compact disc has other uses: as a drink coaster, to repel pesky birds from your garden by shinily suspending it with string over your spinach (or simply by playing it extremely loudly). If you’re wondering how the group arrived at this point of perfection, listen to the demos and unreleased recordings here

This and their eponymously self-titled album are available everywhere as screaming audio. Listen to other music, sure, but soon enough you will find, as Warmwaters have, that InExperience cannot be overcome.

Tony Spannington-Feather, 2019


Recorded November 2017-April 2019 at Skyline Studios, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia

Engineered and Mixed by James See

Luke Warmwater Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Penny Whistle, Harmonica, Sitar, Scratchin’

Lena Warmwater Vocals, Flute, Water


David Megarrity Songs, Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass (Helping Hand)

Bridget Boyle Vocals, Flute

Samuel Vincent Bass

James See Drums/Programming/additional guitar (In Experience, Helping Hand)


John Willsteed Guitar (Middle of the Road)

Greta Kelly Shah Kaman (Call of Nature) Call of Nature also includes a sample from Esta Montanya D’enfrente on MZAZA’s album Ghosts

Andy Ward violin, piano (Helping Hand)

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